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The SOIL STABILISATION method, used to consolidate residential floors (indoor, outdoor, swimming pools, etc.), is dedicated to compacting the substrate under areas of a subsided structure. Expanding resin injections are carried out to consolidate the substrate and, when possible, completely re-level the subsided floor.

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Operating procedures

The procedure involves the injection of GEOSEC® expanding resin into the ground-structure interface of the subsided floor. During operations, instrumental monitoring of lifting is guaranteed by a laser level placed in a stable area that detects millimetric movements thanks to a receiver positioned near the surfaces under consolidation. For optimal execution of the operation, the structural section of the floor must be able to secure reinforcement, such as an electro-welded mesh or similar, with adequate rigidity and thickness to support the lift requested by the customer.
The injection depth involves drilling small bores (diameter between 6 and 12 mm) for the insertion of special tubes which pass through the subsided floor. The initial layout of the bores in the floor, in the absence of specific requests or needs, is generally 1.00 x 1.00 m and must take into account the conditions of the site and its operational possibilities (obstacles, presence of underground and/or hidden utilities, thickness of the floor, etc.). The GEOSEC® resin used for this procedure is a very fast-expanding polyurethane resin that can be adapted according to the work structure and desired result. Should it be necessary to extend the operation deeper into the ground, especially with high operating loads, the SEE&SHOOT® method is adopted as described in the section dedicated to expanding resin injections.



SOIL STABILISATION operational procedure

This procedure, used to consolidate residential floors, is simple and involves the following phases:

Survey phase

  • Identification of areas which have not subsided;
  • Positioning of the laser level in an area not affected by subsidence;
  • Positioning of a levelling rod in the subsided area and measurement of the subsidence.

Preparation phase

  • Drilling of an array of injection bores in the subsided floor.

Injection phase

  • Expanding resin is injected into each of the bores;
  • At the same time, if allowed by the structural conditions, the floor may be lifted until it is completely re-levelled.

Technical benefits

  • No need to demolish the old floor.
  • The resin injections are carried out through small bores, which —whenever possible— will be of a diameter that fits in the grout space between tiles.
  • The operation is extremely swift. Our teams are able to consolidate up to 100 square metre of floor a day.
  • The injected resin is perfectly stable and eco-friendly.
  • When allowed for by the under-floor structure, it is possible to lift and completely re-level the floor.

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